Experience the perfect setting to commemorate the beginning of your happily ever after intimately at Cantigi Wine & Dine

Cantigi Wedding Package Rp. 17.500.000 net for 50 persons. 

Package inclusive of:
Your Cantigi wedding Package buffet will be made up of

* 2 (two) kinds of appetizer selections (for 50% equal to minimum guaranteed)
* 1 (one) kind of soup (for 50% equal to minimum guaranteed)
* 6 (six) kinds of main dishes (chicken, fish, beef, vegetables, noodles/side dishes & steamed rice)
* 2 (two) kinds of dessert
* 1 (one) kind of food stall (for 30% equal to minimum guaranteed)

Wedding reception at Cantigi Wine & Dine for maximum of 4 (four) hours

* 1 (one) room for 1 (one) night stay at The Classic Room for bridal
* Exclusive pre wedding photo shoot venue at The Papandayan
* 1 (one) time pre-wedding technical meeting with Coffee Break for 10 (ten) persons
* 1 (one) function room for makeup
* Electricity capacities up to 10.000 (ten thousand) watts
* Free car parking space and voucher up to 5 (five) vehicles