Pre-treatment: Foot Cleansing and Light Massage
Your spa healing journey starts from our signature foot cleansing ritual with combination of light foot massage for constant care, decreases stress and allows the circulation of blood to flow unimpeded. We believe that by looking after the end of the root with care, the whole spa treatment will reach its main purpose.
Herbal products from natural sources combined with salt are applied for the ritual to provide the best benefit, and that is what we would like to deliver to our guests.


Luxurious Hand and Foot Care
It could never be wrong to have pretty polished nails.
Pamper yourself further by having pretty colorful, handpainted
nails done by our spa therapist.
Manicure – 60 min 145
Pedicure – 75 min 165
Foot Healing Massage – 60 min 165
Foot healing massage is the ultimate of refexology
“pressure therapy”. The technique involves applying
pressure to specific points on the feet in order to affect
various parts of the body.

Traditional Massage – 60 min 245
Traditional massage incorporates the technique to
improve the blood flow and enhance the oxygen and ‘qi’
(energy) in the body.
Aromatic Signature Massage – 60 min 265
This treatment increases blood ?ow and oxygen supply to
the respiratory system, invigorating your central nervous
s y s t e m a n d b r i n g s a b o u t a s t a t e o f c a l m a n d
enlightenment with muscles being relieved and toned.
Mystical Sundanese Touch Massage-60min 265
Sundanese massage emphasizes on a complete sensory
experience. It is a very physical form of massage to soothe
migraines, reduce muscle tension or attain relief from
chronic pain.


Divine Fire Massage – 75 min 275
Energizing deep tissue massage with a combination of
fingers, hand and forearm pressures and frictions to help
loosen contracted, shortened muscles and improve blood
Royal Body Treatment – 90 min 400
This signature therapy draws on the gentle and
stimulating massage tradition used in the Royal Palace.
Include in the session is herbal scrub to exfoliate dry skin.


Sundanese Harmony (Couple) 90’ 600
Specially design for couples to experience relaxation and
harmony in their body, mind and spirit. De-stress and
unwind to gain the balance of inner beauty and vitality
which is a large part of emotional and physical well-being.
Start with Signature foot ritual, Body Massage, followed by
Flower Bath Salts, leaving the perfect couple calm and
peaceful with Aromatic Signature Massage (female) and
Mystical Sundanese massage (male).
Re-Energize 120’ 450
Re-energize your body with the healing power of three
elements of solid (earth), liquid (water) and heat. Helps
you increase the balance of your energy and vitality. Your
journey begins with foot cleansing ritual, followed by
divine fire massage. The treatment ends with application

of luxurious body scrub. Plunge in the Jacuzzi and
Traditional Warming Healthy Drink will be served to keep
your body warm and energized.

Soothing 120’ 450
Combining two elements – solid (earth) and liquid
(water) – this pathway has the potential to soothe your
total well being. The journey begins with foot cleansing
ritual, application of soothing body scrub, completed with
Aromatic Signature Massage. Top it up with Traditional
Soothing Healthy Drink during your bath in the Jaccuzi to
refresh your complete being.
Re-Balance 120’ 450
Immerse in the ancient style of Sundanese massage
treatment, begins with foot cleansing ritual followed by
relaxation body scrub application. Restore your “chi” with
Mystical Sundanese Touch Massage and complete your
rejuvenation with balancing bath at our Jacuzzi
accompanied with Traditional Healthy Drink. This
treatment suits for stress reduction, relaxation and
promotion of healing

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