Pago Delivery

Your favorite food is only a phone call away! Pago Delivery is all about fresh and fast, provide your best-loved Pago Restaurant menu while you’re staying at home from breakfast to dinner time.

Panini sandwich

Tuck into a crunchy tasty panini, packed with fresh ingredients and chewy filling that will have you craving for more!

Choose from the indulgent buttery croissant, or go to a classic baguette .. enjoy these sandwiches for only Rp. 60.000 net, inclusive 1 bottle (200 ml) Ice Lychee tea or Ice Basil Jasmine

Pago Delivery also provides a Frozen pack for those who have little time to cook, just reheat, and are ready to eat.

A la Chef Frozen Pack
A La Chef Frozen Food


  • Buntut Balado : 500 gram Rp. 200.000, 1000 gram Rp. 325.000
  • Rendang Daging: 500 gram Rp 200.000, 1000 gram Rp. 325.000
  • Iga Bakar Rica : 500 gram Rp 185.0000, 1000 gram Rp. 295.000
  • Rosemary Roasted Chicken with Gravy : Whole Chicken Rp 135.000


Croffle Craver

Enjoy our new delightful dessert Croffle that you can order from your home. Only Rp. 50.000/ 5 pieces

Inclusive of : 

1. 5 pieces of Croffles

2. Choices of syrup ( maple syrup/honey)

3. Choices of jam (blueberry/strawberry/chocolate) 

4. Choices of ice cream (Vanilla/strawberry/chocolate)

5. 2 pieces of butter


Breakfast to go
Breakfast To Go

Stay at Home and we deliver your favorite breakfast from Pago Restaurant right to your doorstep! Only Rp. 75.000

Every day at 7.00 am – 11.00 am


1. Chicken fried rice with steamed vegetables and fried chicken wing

2. Omelette

3. 2 pieces of Croffles

4. Fruit Salad 

5. Infused water and Ice coffee milk with palm sugar


Rice bowl
Rice Bowl
  • Indulge a new comfort food in a bowl full of happiness authentic from Pago Restaurant to accompany you work from home or from anywhere you at.

Only Rp 35.000 net/portion

Choices of rice bowl:

  • Beef Black pepper
  • Chicken Kungpao
  • Beef Szechuan
  • Chicken Wasabi Mayo
  • Lamb Rogan Josh